What’s in a Title?

Titling creative work is difficult, or at least it can be. When speaking of titles we use the terms ‘high concept’ and ‘low-concept.’ The original title of The Confessions of Adam was At the Soles of My Feet. The reason I abandoned this title was because it is low-concept. It’s artsy. It isn’t concrete. It doesn’t tell the reader, or give them any hint, of what the story is about or what to expect.The book needed a high-concept title, one which would guide the reader into the story. It was in Micheal Dahlie’s workshop at Butler University in the Spring of 2014 the novel’s title was born. Michael commented on At the Soles of My Feet and simply said, “This story needs a better title, like The Confessions of Adam or something.” And being the attentive student I was, I wrote in my notebook The Confessions of Adam.A bit of a treasure hunt for you…can you find where the original title appears in the novel?

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