Meaning in the Text

There is much wordplay in the Hebrew text of Genesis 2-4. Much, if not most, of this literary quality is lost in the translation to English. I am grateful for the scholars who have studied and outlined these for us. Here are a few of the examples I found especially intriguing as I wrote The Confessions of Adam.
  • Adam is the name of the first man. Adamah is the Hebrew word for ‘earth.’ Adam is created by God from adamah.
  • The Hebrew word for ‘work’ is also the word for ‘worship.’ When God put man in the garden to tend and keep it, man’s efforts were to be an act of worship to The Creator.
  • The vocalization of the word ‘deceived’ in biblical Hebrew sounds like a hiss!
Such rich textual details were woven into this text purposefully. They boost the reader’s experience of the story, make it stick, and provide a sensory experience that would have made the text very much alive to its native readers.This was one of the many aspects of the Genesis narrative that gave me creative energy during the writing of The Confessions of Adam.

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