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David J. Marsh's The Confessions of Adam


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Adam and Eve. We think we know what happened…Now Adam breaks his silence.

Adam and Eve. We think we know what happened. Now Adam breaks his silence. Oren’s arrogance and position have afforded him many acquaintances and no friends. He inherited the renowned scribal school in Susa from his father—an emotionally distant scholar. Adam has sought Oren out. He believes Oren has the skill to help untangle the story from his memory.

A skeptical Oren promises his pen, but not his silence...

Meet The Author

Growing up, David often asked his father to read aloud the scriptures in their original Hebrew and Greek. While Dave could not understand them, the music of these languages in their original tongue fascinated him.

The Confessions of Adam is his debut novel.

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On-the-edge of your seat adventure!

Whoever thought biblical fiction lacked creativity has not read The Confessions of Adam. Debut novelist David J. Marsh creates an on-the-edge of your seat adventure that transports the reader deep into the heart of Adam. Highly recommended.

~Best selling novelist, DiAnn Mills,
author of
Fatal Strike (Tyndale)

Emotionally gripping!

The Confessions of Adam by David J. Marsh is thought-provoking exploration of the possibilities--oh, the possibilities!--of what is left unsaid in the life of Adam. Though obviously a work of fiction, and uniquely told to a scribe who needs this story as much as any of us, it is no less powerful in its ability to transport us into the world Adam might have known before, during, and after the moments recorded in Scripture. Emotionally gripping and rich with meaning for our lives these thousands of years later, The Confessions of Adam has become one of my must-read recommendations.

~Cynthia Ruchti, award-winning author of 30+ books

Re-imagining the Story!

The Confessions of Adam is a nuanced and illuminating debut, a story about a story and a storyteller. David Marsh has the audacity to give us a new version of Genesis, and (thank God!) he also has the skill to do it, re-imagining a world we thought we knew.

~Ben H. Winters, award-winning author of Golden State

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